Loco Parentis Breaking The First Amendment
Loco Parentis- The right provided by the government, to overall take charge or
assume rights over people or materials you do not own (in this case it will be a human minor).
There are many examples of loco parentis. From school, sports, jobs, and even jails, loco parentis takes place
due to this right given to the metaphorical "owner" of said person.

In many schools a dress code, certain rule, or required assignment is usually required by the students. Teachers and principles tell their under-aged students what to write, what not to wear, and what they can not say during class. These teachers are taking charge of these students without even lawfully owning or having any rights to the students what so ever.These students (under loco parentis) are not required but are told what not to wear, where to go, how to do their work, and what they can and cannot say. Under the first amendment, religion, speech, press, right to assemble, and the right to protest are giving to every human being, even minors. Using loco parentis and not having parental ownership over these minors is breaking speech, right to assemble, and the right to protest. Sense these teachers are not their parents and can not legally take ownership over them, loco parentis is breaking the first amendment.

How is Loco Parentis breaking the first amendment?-
This affects freedom of speech because, students can not write what they want on their papers or say what they want to say. Teachers choose what they say and what they write. For example, to pass school students have to follow this rule, but something like homework is not at school so they should not be punished for not doing there homework. Students should be able to choose their grade in school, if they choose to not do their homework that is their choice. True one part of speech that is not allowed is student speech, but high school students are old and mature enough to drive and make their own decisions, giving them the right to say what they feel. This also affects the right to assemble. Teachers at lunch can tell students where to sit and how many are allowed to sit at that table,the the right to assemble should cover students rights to pick their lunch period instead of being assigned. According to the first amendment teachers should have no control over this. The staff and teachers at schools should have control over some areas of what students can and can not do in school, however some areas should be left alone and have the students maturely talk and meet how they choose to.loco_parentis_stop.jpeg

Teachers and many other adults who have rights to tell these miners what to do will disagree with this argument against loco parentis. But according to the freedom of speech and the right to assemble in the first amendment, these minors have every right what to say and where to gather in their classes as well as for their lunch periods. True, minors are only students, but they should have every right to the first amendment as adults do sense eventually they will have every right once they turn 18. A simple solution is to allow students to express their feelings during class, instead of telling them what and what not to say and wear, just give them a grade based on what they are wearing. It will then be their decision what grade they want by the clothes and words spoken throughout class. As for the right to assemble, allow students to sign up for what period they want to have lunch, if that lunch period becomes full, switch to the last 2 periods, and as for where to eat lunch, have the students vote on where they want to eat that year. These basic solutions are not entirely necessary because most schools function fine with the systems they have, but it is going against the constitution and is allowing adults and government employees to potentially take these rights given to everyone by the first amendment away.
Minors everywhere are losing what is left of their human rights to loco parentis. This law is unjust and is causing more problems than solutions. We, as a group, stand up against this unjust law for we know, first-hand, how people act with an unfair law behind them. There should be a limit for loco parentis because the government does not know how to deal with the under-aged as a body. They think putting yet another law into play to hold us down from our freedom is so important that they do not think about the consequences of ignoring our human rights. Parents and legal guardians own us, not teachers and government officials. We should be able to give permission so then, and only then, can teachers and principals have our permission to temporarily assume rights of minors.